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artist statement

I began collaging as a means to develop a creative skill that would serve as both a therapy and catalyst for artistic growth. I am drawn to the process of process within collage—cutting, tearing, gluing diverse source material, and the recontextualizing of both tangible two-dimensional objects as well as elements of my own interior world onto the page. The meditative act of placement and the physicality of arranging and rearranging appeal to my desire to dismantle an existing perspective and unify seemingly disparate images, philosophies, and moods into something new.   


Layering paper into playful, surreal, and surprising narratives and abstractions drive the current themes of my work. I feel inspired by the process of exploration and bring vintage paper to life by synthesizing it with rich colored paper and photographs using a modern lens. Working mainly in photomontage and antique ephemera, my collages emerge from an interdisciplinary background folding cinematic and photographic notions into the body of my work.


Influenced by collage artists Conner Dainty, Lola Dupre, Sarah Jarrett, among many others, I derive additional inspiration and fellowship from the broader collage community. I look forward to deepening my skill and creative identity through collage and other mediums.

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