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Laura Weiler is an analog collagist living and creating in Oregon, by way of Chicago and Michigan. Working primarily with antique newsprint, cardstock, vintage magazines, books, and digitally sourced photography, Laura combines her love of paper ephemera and narrative design to create dynamic and unexpected images. Elements cut from the past and present are recontextualized into vibrant environments exploring human relationships, psychology, and dimension. 

With a degree in Film from Columbia College Chicago, Laura brings a strong sense of composition and drama to her collages. Her background in photography, floral design, film, and mixed media is synthesized into texture, line, color, form, and placement. These attributes have continued to coalesce as Laura has engaged with social media as a platform for experimentation and visual conversation.


Laura has shown her collage work regionally and internationally and is part of the permanent collection at The Scandanavian Collage Museum in Norway, and Blind Insect Gallery in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon.

Floral design clients include Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Studios, and several hotels, agencies, and weddings. Laura has art-directed films screened at Chicago’s 43rd International Film Festival, 'Best Of' at Columbia College Chicago, and several commercials and independent films.  She has been published in multiple print and online publications around the world including Cosmopolitan Magazine and has worked in mural and album design, as well as a number of other collaborative projects.

In January 2021 Laura co-founded the Pacific Northwest Collage Collective to connect regional artists and celebrate collage as a medium. The PNWCC hosts regional and international open calls, public and private exhibitions and works closely with collaborators. 

In her spare time, Laura enjoys hiking, making art with her family, and actively volunteering in the Oregon Public School system.


A lifelong maker working for decades to hone and foster creative energies through her hands into the world, Laura continues to enjoy finding the flow within her artistic orbit through the evolution of her work. 

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