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Pacific Northwest Collage Collective was founded by Laura Weiler and Kellette Elliott in January 2021. There was a need for Pacific Northwest representation in the collage community. Inspired by other collectives around the world, and collage artists often messaging Laura about a ‘collage scene in Portland’,  she made the final leap on an idea that had been brewing for months. She started reaching out to folks in Oregon in hopes that there would be interest in starting a collective. Kellette Elliott seemed to be the perfect fit after the two met at a show they both exhibited works in the Fall of 2019 and formed a friendship based on a love of collage and community.

Create an inclusive, equitable, and diverse group of collage makers to gather online and in-person in celebration of collage. The best part was that we had no idea how many amazing collage artists were in our area. As soon as word spread about our new collective, we got to meet the kindest, most talented artists of the PNW.

We hosted an art show with over 50 PNW artists at Collapse Gallery in Wenatchee, Washington in 2021 with Chad Yenney. We plan to do that again in 2022. 


We often host collaging meet-ups. We will collaborate with other art studios in the area, SharpHands Gallery organizers, or just host it ourselves. But the best part of PNWCC are the members, so we like to get together in-person as much as possible.


We have initiated Artist Trading Card exchanges across the world. We will post on Instagram as a platform for exchanges. Collage artists from around the globe will connect and exchange artist trading cards. We have had nearly 1000 interactions on our posts.


We will be selling collage t-shirts in 2022 designed by PNWCC member Kyle Anderson.


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