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Arts Facilitation & 
Community Leadership


I excel at building creative and inclusive facilitation around proposed projects. The resulting artwork, whether temporary or permanent, is both intrinsically human and site-responsive. The process delivers the experience of being seen and reflected in the composition of a place.

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Viewfinder, Scott Edwards Architecture:
Interior mural artworks

“The entryway piece is indicative of the art found throughout the building – natural elements, people, and animals are the focus and the subject matter is often at an unexpected scale.”

- Scott Edwards Architecture

Develop a body of art for the common spaces of an affordable, multi-family development housing a more vulnerable population while visually expressing a cultural connection to Tigard and Oregon.


Project goal: Emphasize the human connection to place and establish a sense of belonging for children and adult residents.


Approach: Source collage material for the commissioned artwork from as many local sources as possible. Involvement of the Tigard Historical Society led to full access of their archives and connection with other unique ephemera options and community photographers. I worked with a photographer to capture future residents, and incorporated materials that reflected region-specific subject matter such as the local farmers’ markets and notable landmarks. I also worked with children at a local shelter to create a collage base for the Viewfinder community room, using textures and colors aligned to the architectural design board. Much of my own photography of the area was also used in the original collage works.


Outcome: The content of 25 interior murals spanned decades and emphasized the building’s place in the community with hyperlocal visual language. Integrating art into the daily lives of residents was cited as a deciding factor for Oregon’s Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) awarding Viewfinder 1st place in the Affordable and Supportive Housing category.

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Heartwood Commons, Washington County, Oregon: Naming a Home

Lead a creative, community session around naming an apartment building that was converted from a hotel to a permanent, supportive housing solution in partnership with fellow artist Jessica Riehl.


Project Goal: Surface ideas and feelings from the surrounding community using a creative medium.


Approach: Provide a collection of location-relevant source material and guide participants through a collage experience. I copied pages from the local high school’s yearbook archive, gathered material from the garden club, and added vintage magazines from a nearby estate sale. Jessica and I generated a broad list of words associated with home and village that contributors attached to their collages. The event generated over a dozen potential names which were reviewed at a second session with staff from the apartment building and supporting county personnel, narrowing the list down to five and then collectively agreeing on Heartwood Commons.


Outcome: The collaborative and creative involvement of the local community arrived at a name representing strength and resilience while speaking to the idea of housing that serves everyone. The name was formally adopted by the county.

Heartwood Commons Community Collage .jpeg

“I think it builds trust and ownership and understanding when community members are invited to participate in a process,” Jessica reflected. According to Andrew, this is part of a larger ongoing effort to engage with communities in Washington County around housing developments: “The goal as the county is just trying to be more thoughtful and more meaningful in how we do our feedback.”     

- Jessica Riehl

Pacific Northwest Collage Collective (PNWCC): Grassroots creative organizing

Establish an inclusive, equitable, and diverse artist collective to share the accessible and immediate nature of collage with other people.


Project Goal: Connect artists in the region who are interested in or enthusiastic about collage as a medium regardless of experience level and background.


Approach: Seek a co-founder from my collage network and develop the collective framework together. Kellette Elliott and I spread the word about PNWCC using Instagram and our existing artist networks. Because our launch coincided with the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized an inventive outdoor exhibition with images of selected artwork printed on weather-resistant panels installed on a residential fence. The exhibition increased local interest and boosted engagement to sustain future activities.


Outcome: As of 2023, the collective is comprised of nearly 200 members. There have been 4 shows (including two gallery exhibitions) regular meetups and mutual aid fundraisers at locations around the PNW. The collective has published a zine and even has an official t-shirt.

Public Gallery show for World Collage Day 2021 in Portland, Oregon
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"Laura Weiler combines all the best qualities of being a worker and artist, collaborator and friend, and flexible team worker. Working with her in our community of collage artists has been a thrill and a joy. Whether it's an artmaking gathering, a brainstorming session, a workshop, or a multi-person art show, Laura is always a valuable asset and someone you want around."

-Kevin Sampsell of Future Tense Books & Sharp Hands Gallery, Artist & Writer

let's work together

booking for 2024

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