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Explore the excitement and enjoyment of analog collage in this 3-hour class where participants will learn low-pressure approaches to “sketching with paper.” Find joy in experimenting, “shush” your inner critic for a moment, and create without expectation.


With practical tips and exercises, learn ways to play with different abstract and literal expressions, helping to unlock new artistic perspectives.

Instruction includes tool and material review, warm-ups, and different approaches to collage journaling including “collage doodles,” mini-collages, Artist Trading Cards, and more. 


This class is perfect for first-time-collagers, seasoned paper cutters, and anyone looking to feel inspired and fold a calming creative practice into their routine.


In-class and take-home materials are provided with a fee and include a take-home artist's notebook, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, a small collage pack with curated papers, and an original ‘zine on collage and the creative process to inspire your continued creative journey after class. 

Collage Journaling & Other Artistic Paper Prompts




Fall 2024 class schedule coming soon

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'...Laura's collage workshop was one of the most beneficial activities I've done in the past few years. Who knew that sitting around cutting things up and pasting them to a sheet of paper could be so enlightening?... The reminder to embrace our creative being and to recognize its value and centrality in our human existence was so perfect for this particular moment in history, and of course is always relevant.'   -Liz S.

FALL 2024 WORKSHOPS & instruction

Artist Trading Cards

Connect with other creatives through the art of mail exchange with petite mixed media collages in this 1-hour playful and informative workshop...more info coming soon...

Cut, Rip, Glue

Take a hands-on deep dive into the fundamentals of paper collage techniques and application by experimenting with several different collage materials, tools, and adhesives in this 2-hour in-person workshop...more info coming soon...

more coming online & and in-person

Private Small Group Workshops  


Small event group workshops to connect through creativity with close friends or colleagues with 1-3 hour collage workshop offerings. Great for small friend groups or team building...


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